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Each BRUME de Longueville creation has been designed to offer a unique experience to all those who wear it. Because we are attached to our roots and our creativity "made in Belgium", the jewels are designed at home. Both refined and authentic, they are composed of semi-precious stones, pearls gilded with fine gold, crystal pearls and high quality fancy pearls. Charms or lucky charms, symbolic or simply elegant, our BRUME de Longueville creations are designed to accompany every day those who wear them in happy moments.


BRUME de Longueville was born from a passion for fashion and an outburst of madness. Encouraged by my friends and their enthusiasm for my first jewelry, I decided to share my universe and make it my job. The BRUME de Longueville creations are the fruit of my emotions, my desires, memories and inspirations coupled with my love for beautiful materials. 

Wearing BRUME de Longueville is sharing my adventure, the taste for timelessness, refinement, local productions made by hand with love.

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